Me, on a good day... image taken by Anastasia Chomlack

Me, on a good day... image taken by Anastasia Chomlack

Monday, March 29, 2010

Only one more overnight to go :)

Recently Avianna and I stopped in to visit Luke and his mom at Children's Hospital while we were in the city. His grandma happened to be there too... so it was extra special. Some of you may remember Luke from this post. We both had a really wonderful time and ended up chatting for a couple hours... not just a few minutes. Luke's treatments take usually 5 days in hospital every four weeks and that is if everything goes well, some months he has been in more than out. Luke was recovering from treatment and slept most of the time we were there. I had wanted to make sure that I got a visit in as I thought it was his last time doing over night treatments... I was a little wrong... he has one more to go before he can do his day trip treatments. So please keep him and his family in your prayers... for strength and healing. That his treatments will fly by and he can start to enjoy everyday normal life everyday. That they all can. :)


Michelle W said...

Beautiful images that are full of emotion Alanna. :) I am hoping and praying that the treatments are working as planned. Hugs to the family.

knit1kids4 said...

You captured some beautiful shots of Luke and his Mama.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting these. Jodie Ward

Shannon said...

What beautiful images. Prayers for the family.