Me, on a good day... image taken by Anastasia Chomlack

Me, on a good day... image taken by Anastasia Chomlack

Friday, February 26, 2010

Protection Island Part One... at last :)

During the summer we were blessed to stay on Protection Island. We went over for the week of my 30th birthday, which I posted a slide show to a while back Here For the first part of the trip, our friends came to visit us.

Our oldest children, have grown up together and will be friends for life, I am sure! That seems to be the common ground that has bounded us... we had the same start to the adult life :) Though our paths have differed since. It is always refreshing to know someone understands, because they have been there too!

They mentioned that it was the first family vacation (all together) away from home in a few years for them. While they are an active family... their son is non verbal autistic (well he can speak a bit... it is always so heart warming to hear him use his words - but usually communicates using sign language, and pictures). For them familiarity and routine are so important in providing a secure environment for him. Not knowing how he might fair and establishing so many learning opportunities for him locally and on a full schedule they had yet to try.

As you can see below... it turns out he LOVED it. He chased the waves and waded in the water for hours and would go back to the door to watch them when we were inside... and signal he wanted to go back out. For me that made the week worthwhile... to be a part of it all. To have friends willing to come and spend time with us... travel across on a ferry, be foot passengers across to Protection, and stay 2 days not knowing how much sleep they might get or how it would all turn out. Turns out it was wonderful!

Beach combing, watching the Snowbirds perform over the bay, Victoria for the day (including a quick stop outside the Parliament buildings, touring the Royal Museum and ending the day at Barb's fish and chips for my Birthday... such a nice treat... thanks again!)

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