Me, on a good day... image taken by Anastasia Chomlack

Me, on a good day... image taken by Anastasia Chomlack

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Patrick was a torch bearer!

We have been waiting for today for a while.

I have been following Chilliwack's very own Rick Collins blog, one of the photographers who has followed the Olympic torch across the country. He has also been contracted to photograph two of the three commemorative books for these 2010 Winter Games. Go check out his work and the inspiring!

What made today even better though than being a part of Canadian history as a family was that Patrick a family friend was a torch bearer... how cool was that. Here are a few images from the celebration downtown and then after running (in my snow boats I might add - thought I might get cold waiting outside - that was a mistake :P) after him to capture the trade off.


Jaidean said...

How awesome! What a great experience to be a part of!

Anonymous said...

What a great experience -- that is an amazing event to witness and be a part of!

Amanda said...

crazy cool excitement!!

Jen Harr said...

How fun! those are great exciting.

stace said...

how cool and what fun shots!