Me, on a good day... image taken by Anastasia Chomlack

Me, on a good day... image taken by Anastasia Chomlack

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our family reunion trip to Alberta on our way home. Part 2

We stayed with the Amber and Derrick a few posted back. And enjoyed every minute! We visited The Royal Tyrrell Museum, stopped a the Leitch Collieries for a tour (an Albertian Provincial Historic Site). We had a tour of the Police Station and another at Jerseyland Organic Farm with and while staying with our good friends Marie and Menno. Here are some pictures from the remaining few days of our trip. The first few frames are from when we were stranded for 5 hours just outside of Merritt on our first attempt at going to Alberta, waiting for a tow truck to bring us home again. The next day we started out again in the faithful old Camry. It was a "good" kind of stranded though, it was warm and the sun was out, and when the sun set and it started to cool off we were picked up. Oddly I packed my camera in the trunk the second time we headed out and didn't take it out until the reunion. So I am missing images from staying with our amazing friend John in Revelstoke on our way to Alberta. Sorry for the image overload... I have been squeezing in these images the past few weeks trying to get them finished - I find as a photographer that "my" pictures always come last now... I really wanted these not to get put away. Now I can make a keepsake album for our kids. :)

The two in the middle aren't sure what to make of a toilet in a jail cell... :)


April Fletcher said...

love them Alanna, so happy you did these for yourself. Thanks for sharing your family time :)

Chelsea Fairclough said...

Great pictures Alanna. Your photography and children are beautiful.

Rachel said...

Hi Lan! As ever, I'm blown away by your eye. I'd love to see more of your prairie stuff. I think Edna might love.
And the photo of the kids in the jail toilet - shear brilliance! I love the kid in the costume! Surreal and beautiful - just like childhood should always be, yes?
Take care! And keep up the amazing work.

sjcc said...

Hey Alanna,
Those pictures are great! They make me homesick. You have amazing talent.

Rose said...

these are so fab! there is something about the prairies, hey?